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I was brought here by Japanese and Jewish parents, and was raised in the cities of Tokyo and London. I spend ten years living nomadically, during which I lived and worked in Melbourne, the Daintree rainforest, Puglia, Goa, Madrid, and the Minho valley among others, roaming the globe experiencing different ways of living whilst learning about myself and the world around me.

My inspiration comes from time and timelessness, the spaces we inhabit, both physical and energetic, and from nature,

our home and cradle. I have curious hands that also like to play with event/ space decor, embroidery, natural pigment making and dyeing and many other types of craft/ making.

When not creating I can be found tending to the land and food forest garden, furthering my knowledge of land design and agroforestry,  learning new ways to work with my hands, or just sitting in the sun listening to the birds.

For commissions, licensing, or any inquiries, please drop me a note at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


selected clients & press

exhibitions & residencies

Mayor of London

Chinatown London

The Believer Magazine

Two Orchards Cider

Nordorff Robbins

The Preserve Journal

Sowing Seeds Magazine

Daikon Magazine



Works on Paper, Blue Shop Cottage                   Apr 2022

Life on Venus, The Tub                                         Jan 2021

Heat and Relief, Vacant Gallery                         Aug 2020

Femme Fatale, Darkside collevtice                     July 2020

Serendipity Festival (Panaji)                                Feb 2020

Con Questi Occhi, La Controra                         Nov 2019

Artlover Ground Madrid Feria                      March 2018

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