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about me

Katherine Shapiro

Hi, I’m Kat.

I was brought here by Japanese and Ukranian-Jewish parents, and grew up between the cities of Tokyo and London. I spent ten years living, working, eating, and learning in beautiful places around the world including the Daintree rainforest, Melbourne, Puglia, Goa, Madrid and the Sierra de Guadarrama before settling in the Minho valley in Northern Portugal. I live off-grid with my partner, our cat Nimbu, the trees, the stream, and the garden, working as an artist and chef.


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Isn’t it a miracle that what is necessary to sustain us is also a source of such pleasure?

Inspired by nature, I create food that is fresh, nutritious, and made with love.  Inspired by an understanding of the relationship between food, body, and spirit, I create food that is nourishing whilst holding space for indulgence and richness.

To respect the earth, I cook seasonal dishes with local and organic produce, grown lovingly without chemical pesticides and fertilisers that chronically unbalance the ecosystem.

To respect us my kitchen is free of refined sugars, centered around produce with wholegrains in a supporting role, and is full of seasonal ferments, sprouts, and microgreens. My ideal meal is a fruit.

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Above all, this is a practice in which I am the student and nature is the teacher.

This is my way of giving thanks.

Hoping our paths can cross sometime soon- for enquiries, questions, to share gardening tips or talk about fruit, reach me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

With love and gratitude,


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a note on giving back -

We  honour and respect the earth on which we are grateful to live, breathe, work, and play. 1% of my annual earnings are donated to Amazon Watch, a non- profit organisation that supports and protects the rights of indigenous peoples and the rainforests they steward.

I also plant one tree for each booking I take, picking a climate and location-appropria
te species together with the client.

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