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Katherine Shapiro


The idea:


Good food + good people + good spaces

Coming together around delicious plates of plant based food, made with organic ingredients and a whole lotta love.

Next edition to be announced

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A scrummy four course plant based meal and (non alcoholic) aperitif  under the late afternoon sun.

The menu will be designed based on what's in season and looking good at the farm, what's fermenting at home, and the group's dietary requirements and needs. Learn a little about me and my approach to food here.

For example:

Toasted buckwheat, purple corn, and vegetable loaf with fermented cashew cream, pickled onion, and hazelnuts

Takikomi gohan with shiitake and kombu
Sanbaizu (japanese cucumber and wakame salad)

Lactofermented radish and daikon
Herbed quinoa with medley of locally grown mushrooms (oyster, shiitake, king trumpet)

Rainbow chard, nectarine, and fennel topped with roasted pistachio

Arugula, black eyed peas and crisp pear salad

Raw carrot cake with homemade coconut yoghurt


I strive for a culture around financial exchange that is inclusive and value-aligned, and so payment is offered on a sliding scale. When determining what to pay, please be mindful that if you opt into a lower tier but are able to afford a higher price, you compromise my ability to include those who need it, and to run this event sustainably.


This is the reduced cost for those who would not be able to attend for the full exchange. This covers the cost of ingredients and paid help, but not my time spent planning, shopping, or cooking *



This is the actual cost of the event, covering the cost of food and my time. It's for those who meet their basic needs and have expendable income for extras (like travelling, periods without paid work, retreats and festivals, and this!)


This covers the cost for yourself and helps to subsidise those on the lower end of the scale. This is an opportunity to pay for yourslelf, and support those around you! :)


To reserve, please transfer me the exchange by noon 25th May with "sunbites" and your name as the reference, and please notify me of any dietary requirements :)

message me for details for bank transfer (telegram | whatsapp | email)

book here


*If the low tier pricing is too high for you but you would still like to attend, please send me a message and let's see what we can work out! There may be opportunity to help in the kitchen or on the floor.


We  honour and respect the earth on which we are grateful to live, breathe, work, and play.
1% of my annual earnings are donated to Amazon Watch, a non- profit organisation that supports and protects the rights of indigenous peoples and the rainforests they steward.

I also plant one tree for each booking I take, picking a climate and location-appropriate species together with the client.

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