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Katherine Shapiro

Nourishing food is a crucial part of any retreat or gathering - the moment when the group comes together to integrate, socialise, rest, and refuel.

Inspired by my Japanese heritage, my travels around the world, and my ashtanga yoga practice that has gifted me a somatic understanding of the relationship between food and the body, I create nourishing food with deep flavours, fresh and full of colour and vitality.

Cooking is an act of reverence to the earth that produces all we eat.

Cooking is an act of gratitude for a world in which what nourishes us gives us pleasure.

Cooking is an act of love towards myself and those around me.

food 1

Raw vegan cake with spiced dark chocolate and figs, served with fresh seasonal fruits

Puglian fennel salad with shaved persimmon, radish, and foraged wild rocket

Roasted autumn vegetables on a bed of thyme-infused fava bean puree

Menus are curated for each event to help attendees feel good in their body, aid in the integration process, and energetically lift from within. The food fosters connection to the earth through seasonal ingredients sourced from local organic producers and my own garden, including my Japanese vegetables that are grown from seed and otherwise rare in the region.

My kitchen is plant based, low in gluten and wheat, and free of refined sugars. Also included are homemade ferments, sprouts, and microgreens, with the addition of herbal supplements and adaptogenic tonics available upon request. I very easily adapt to a range of different dietary preferences (gluten-free, sattvic, nut-free, etc) for individuals or the whole group.

Rocha pear, blueberry, and arugula salad with homemade pickled onion, shaved walnut, and wild garlic blossoms

Buckwheat pancakes served with fresh berries and soy yoghurt, topped with pecans, hazelnuts, goji berries, and bee pollen

Sumac sweet potato drizzled with tahini and pomegranate molasses

Rates vary based on the event duration, location, attendees, and number of meals. Please reach out to me at for a personalised quote and I’d be happy to work together to create a menu to enrich and support your offering.

We  honour and respect the earth on which we are grateful to live, breathe, work, and play. 1% of my annual earnings are donated to Amazon Watch, a non- profit organisation that supports and protects the rights of indigenous peoples and the rainforests they steward.

I also plant one tree for each booking I take, picking a climate and location-appropriate species together with the client.

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